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We are a one stop marketplace for advertising, selling, promoting, affiliation, proselling, referral programs. Create your own pro-shop, share the link as a web shop or as a referral program for any type of digital and downloadable or virtual content or services.

Referral Shop

Create a Referral link by creating web shop . use it as an advertising link on your blogs, facebook pages or other social media campaigns or ask your publishers/affiliates to use it on their web pages and online contents to promote and sell.

Course Shop

Self Publish & Sell Your Online Courses, Educational Content, Digital Contents, Marketing Contents by creating your web shop. Get recurring revenue of 50% for life time everytime your content gets downloaded.

E-Book Self Publishing

Self Publish your E-Book and get paid royalties of 50% for every downloads. Create your E-Book Store with inbuilt features like meta tags, SEO, social media sharing, real time dashboard with complete sales and customer analytics. You create content, we provide you full range of platform services. No Joining Fees.

Digital Retail Marketplace

Get a range of digital contents, courses, e-books from some of the finest platforms and retailers globally. We have partnered with multiple platforms, thus as a customer your need to search and read each and every platform is completely fulfilled here. Just download your required content from your desired platform.

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